Like the real Area 51, the exterior of AREA15 perpetuates intrigue and mystery with its bunker-style exterior. With one foot in the door, this 200,000-square-foot immersive art collective is buzzing with imagination and creative energy. Inside, visitors will find an unforgettable retail and entertainment complex and events space.

A handful of retail stores found nowhere else lie within, as well as an ice-cream shop and food court. General admission gets you access to all this, and if you’re headed for AREA15, you’ll want to opt for an always-changing mashup of experiences. 

Throw an axe at dueling axes, wander through a bamboo volcano, race on a zip line, or explore other mesmerizing realms. From the throwback to the futuristic, the family-friendly to the thrill-seeking, there’s an experience for everyone at AREA 15.

One of AREA15’s centerpieces is the mind-boggling, absurdist experience that is Omega Mart. “Meow Wolf’s second permanent installation, Omega Mart, is an interactive, mind-bending immersive art experience. Participants explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes.”

You can also try the stress-relieving axe-throwing experience and soar up with Birdly, an extremely realistic flight simulator. Before you leave, view the gigantic artworks retrieved from Burning Man at the Art Island—and maybe bid on your favorite pieces.

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