Circus Circus Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located on the northern Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada. It is owned and operated by Phil Ruffin. Circus Circus includes the largest permanent circus in the world. It features circus and trapeze acts, as well as carnival games, at its Carnival Midway. The resort also includes the Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park.

Circus Circus was originally owned by Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin. It opened without a hotel on October 18, 1968. It included a casino on its first floor, while a second floor contained carnival games for children. Circus Circus was the first family-oriented casino in Las Vegas. It struggled financially during its early years, in part because of its lack of a hotel. A 15-story tower, with 409 rooms, was added in 1972.

To this day, its popular circus acts, carnival games, and indoor amusement park—known as the Adventuredome—draws millions of tourists from around the world. Add to this the glitz and glamor of a high-end casino, and what you get is something so extravagant that it can only be experienced within the neon glow of this desert metropolis.

Circus Circus has a ballroom that can hold up to 600 people, a waterpark known as the Splash Zone, Slots-A-Fun Casino, and a place where you can bet on horse races and sporting events.

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