Big Idaho Potato Hotel is exactly what it says on the tin: a six-ton Russet Burbank potato, of the type that’s famously grown in Idaho, transformed into a romantic rural getaway for two. Crafted from steel, plaster, and concrete, the 28-foot long tater has been recycled from the Big Potato Tour, hosted by the Idaho Potato Commission (yes, there is such a place!) 

The massive potato was created in 2012 in celebration of the IPC’s 75th anniversary. Bolted to a flatbed trailer the giant spud traveled across the country for seven years. Built for a one-year tour, the sturdy spud held out as long as possible before it returned to Idaho to retire. Kristie Wolfe, a former member of the Big Idaho® Potato Truck Tour team and tiny house builder extraordinaire, knew instinctively how to transform the head-turning tater into a lasting fixture that folks can continue to enjoy.

What’s more, current growing conditions couldn’t be more perfect. Your delectable retreat is set amongst 400 acres of rolling farmland, with spectacular views of the Owyhee Mountains in the distance. 

Inside your mouthwatering potato hotel are plenty of welcoming creature comforts, including a custom-built queen size bed, a mini fridge, themed books, games, and a record player with a selection of classics to spin. 

Air conditioning will cool those hot summer nights, and there are also plenty of charging spots for your devices – a good thing, since you’ll be probably making more than a few Instagram updates during your stay!

Indeed, you’ll find that your surroundings are light, bright, and furnished with plenty of style (Kristie is an expert Tiny House creator, who knows exactly how to make her guests feel relaxed) and there’s no pesky TV or Wi-Fi to distract you from reconnecting with your loved one.

Otherwise, simply pull up a chair outside at the picnic table, and pour a glass of wine as you take in that captivating sunset with Dolly at your side.

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