Houzz is a marketplace for architecture, interior design, home improvements etc. It also offers a catalogued version of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, lighting, outdoor, and much more.

Houzz was founded as an online platform in February 2009 by Adi Tatarko and her husband Alon Cohen, in response to the challenges they faced with their own home remodeling project. They found it difficult to communicate their vision for their home, and to find the right professionals for their project. Cohen coded the initial website himself, and they asked a few Bay Area architects to upload their portfolios, to give home renovators ideas for their projects. The site spread by word-of-mouth and they began to receive emails from homeowners and home professionals outside the Bay Area asking them to open more categories on Houzz and expand to other areas. Houzz became a company in the fall of 2010. 

In November 2010, Houzz released an app for the iPad. The Android version of the app was released in December 2012.

Houzz offers a home design photo database with millions of images of home interiors and exteriors. Homeowners browse photos by room, style and location, and bookmark photos in personal collections the site calls ideabooks. Users can click on an image to learn more about the designer, ask a question, and learn about products tagged in the photos.

Houzz also has a directory of home improvement professionals who use the site to reach homeowners. The platform can be used for consumers to search through professionals for hire, view their previous projects, and ultimately hire them.

The company also develops Houzz Pro software, designed to help designers manage their projects, manage new business and handle their projects’ financial details.

Houzz also offers mass-market furniture along with luxury options.

The site now attracts nearly 30 million unique visitors a month and has become the 182nd most popular site in the U.S.

According to ecommercegermany.co. Source of photos: internet