Wildtype is a San Francisco startup using cellular agriculture to grow cultivated seafood. Co-founded by Justin Kolbeck and Aryé Elfenbein, Wildtype’s mission is to address global food insecurity and improve ocean health by producing clean, sustainable seafood.

The plant was designed by acclaimed architect Shuo Zhai. The purpose of the space—from the sushi bar, to the education center with bleacher seating, to the glass door separating the tasting room from the production floor—is to help people learn about cellular agriculture and give them the opportunity to taste cultivated seafood for themselves.

“Wildtype wants to establish a high standard of education, trust, and transparency with our customers and the public,” said Justin Kolbeck, Wildtype co-founder. “We want to show people where their food comes from and how it’s made.”

According to businesswire.com. Source of photo: internet