Olo’upena Falls is one of four very tall waterfalls that drop down the cliffs on the north shore of Molokai. These roughly 3,000 foot cliffs are the tallest sea cliffs in the world and are adorned by very narrow and impossibly tall waterfalls. The drainage area is small, but the constant rains keep them flowing. The stream makes a series of consecutive horsetail leaps from the lip of the cliff all the way down its verdant face to the sea.

Waterfall is thin and deeply etched in an inaccessible cliff. Due to this it is rarely seen and photographed.

Falls can be observed from the sea – there are tourist companies offering guided boat tours along this rugged, extremely impressive coast. One can go closer to the falls and experience a mist falling from this wonderful nature monument. Even more impressive sight opens from the helicopter. Boat ride and helicopter though require good weather conditions.

When the weather is windy, the wind catches the falls and raises them up in the air. Unfortunately very few see such sight – boats and helicopters do not go there in such weather.

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