Aether is an award-winning climate tech startup and certified B-Corporation. Aether transforms air pollution into valuable goods and materials. From pollution to solution, nothing to something. By pushing the boundaries of product design, manufacturing technologies, and craftsmanship, the company is paving the way for a more beautiful and enduring future for both people and planet. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in NYC’s Diamond District, Aether has raised over $21M in funding to date and is growing quickly.

Aether transforms air pollution that would otherwise be warming the planet and contributing to climate change into breathtaking gem-quality diamonds. The company was founded in 2018 by CEO Ryan Shearman and COO Daniel Wojno with the mission to create a new category of diamonds that can have a tangible, positive impact on the planet. Aether began shipping its products to consumers in mid-2021.

In addition to being made from captured carbon, Aether diamonds are atomically identical to their mined counterparts, without any of the harmful environmental or social impacts. Aether uses clean energy throughout its supply chain and the company’s proprietary diamond production process is the first commercialized process to have a net negative carbon footprint. In addition to locking otherwise harmful carbon away in their diamonds, Aether has committed to removing 20 metric tonnes of CO2 from the air for every carat of diamond sold, enough to offset the average American’s carbon footprint by more than a year.

In addition to its investment, Helena joins Aether as a strategic partner, utilizing its vast network to support the company’s commercial expansion. The partnership builds on Helena’s previous work in direct air carbon capture by increasing market demand for industry critical to reaching Net Zero.

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