D’Addario is a manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories, primarily for guitars but also other fretted and orchestral instruments. The company currently has its world headquarters in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, and its European headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

D’Addario produces and distributes other musical accessories across a range of product categories including straps, cables and power solutions, capos, tuners, picks, humidification, care and maintenance, slides, hand fitness, hearing protection, gear bags, mic stand accessories, manuscripts, drumheads, drumsticks, snare wire, woodwinds reeds and mouthpieces.

The company is taking its environmental commitment even further in 2016 with the unveiling of Playback, the world’s first-ever industry-wide instrument string recycling program. D’Addario has teamed with the global recycling organization TerraCycle to create Playback, a safe and independent way to recycle and upcycle instrument strings.

The program is designed to accommodate collections from retail stores, education institutions, instrument manufacturers and repair facilities, performing artists and tours, etc.

Consumers will be able to bring their used strings directly to stores and place them in the designated bin, which is set up inside each retail location. Store associates are responsible for periodically sending boxes of the collected strings to TerraCycle, where they will be recycled and used in the creation of new products.

Your store will be added to a publicly viewable map on the Instrument String Recycling Program page. This will let users in your area know that they can bring their used instrument strings to your retail location to be recycled.

Playback is a part of D’Addario’s Players Circle loyalty program. Once registered, members that recycle strings are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for new sets of strings, picks, gear and other accessories. The points can also be used to Play It Forward: members can donate their points to D’Addario’s non-profit organization, the D’Addario Foundation, to help fund music programs in underserved communities.

The program is currently only available in the U.S., and is free for any U.S. resident to participate.

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