At first glance, this 7-mile stretch of white sand looks like the perfect place for sand castles – and it is. But, the real difference comes from chemistry. The moisture content of the sand on Fort Myers Beach is perfect for packing. It’s why you’ll find so many people biking along the water. If it was any drier, the wheels wouldn’t have traction – any wetter and they’d sink.

On Fort Myers Beach, the sand is as soft and fine as can be. It looks and feels great, and makes for perfect sand sculpting material.

The Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship is the largest event of its kind in the United States and attracts master sand sculptors from around the world. Dozens of these artists will compete in the singles and doubles competition, using more than 1,000 tons of sand in the process. These intricate pieces of art require days of painstaking effort and a lot of shoveling.

The AASSC has evolved into a whole week of festivities. As you walk the beach, you can watch these masterpieces come to life. And alongside the professionals, you’ll find an amateur competition open to the public with special categories for adults and children.

The AASSC easily becomes an all-day event with a variety of live music, demonstrations and local vendors. On the main stage, look for daily “Quick Sand” shows where sculptors go head-to-head in timed competitions.

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