Voodoo is not simple black magic, as most Western people think. In reality, it is a rich and complex religion that makes sense and gives order to the life of millions of believers. Along the coast of Benin, voodoo is the most spread religion, passed on from the ancestors to the new generation.

 In these places you can attend ceremonies during which percussions and songs calls the Voodoo for taking possession of the believers, giving rise to authentic manifestations of trance. The oracles practice the “Fa”, an esoteric divination technique that consists of the art of combining proverbs, images, ability to intuit, interpret and explain.

Since its 1999 Halloween weekend debut, the annual event has become a Halloween tradition for music fans, both locally and others who travel from around the world. Throughout Voodoo’s 23-year run, more than one million festival goers have gathered to see performances from about 2,000 artists.

The event has also been twice nominated for Pollstar’s Music Festival of the Year and in 2005, Voodoo founder Stephen Rehage and his team were presented with a key to the city, following the Voodoo 2005 post-Katrina event.

The Voodoo Experience has hosted more than 2000 artists and over one million festival goers during its existence. The festival has been twice nominated for Pollstar’s Music Festival of the Year. It was acquired by Live Nation Entertainment in 2013 and is produced by C3 Presents. Don Kelly, Voodoo’s former General Counsel and COO, is Festival Director and oversees the event.

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