BrickFest was the first convention for adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) in the United States. The focus was to have fans bring their creations, often referred to as MOCs (My Own Creations), to display and share with fellow enthusiasts. Like other conventions, it offered workshops, presentations, special events and challenges.

The main focus of the private convention was to provide a venue for adult fans of LEGO to bring and display their own LEGO creations. Activities at the convention included presentations, seminars, round-table discussions and contests. The full attendee received a Convention Packet containing a personalized brick name badge and a program of activities. The Public Exhibition had a focus of inviting LEGO fans of all ages of the general public to view hundreds of hobbyist-built creations and meet their creators.


These celebrations of all things LEGO are open to fans of all ages. Booking tickets in advance to secure your place is highly recommended as our events regularly sell out. Early Bird tickets are also available at each event, giving you an exclusive extra hour of fun and a FREE LEGO gift on entry too! Check out our upcoming events below. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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