As cathartic and communal as it is visually stunning, the annual Rise Festival marks the release of thousands of illuminated lanterns into the night sky above the Mojave Desert. The two-day festival outside of Las Vegas kicks off in the afternoon with hourly music sets, and each night culminates in a massive, simultaneous lantern release just after sunset with thousands of attendees expected.

RiSE was the first lantern festival of its kind to take place in the United States and debuted in 2014 near Las Vegas. The festival is currently the largest lantern event in the world and has now expanded to host events in Australia and Dubai. Each year, over 20,000+ guests have joined together to lift their spirits with the release of thousands of biodegradable paper lanterns, creating lasting memories and an incredible shared experience.

All lanterns are 100% biodegradable, and following the event, organizers retrieve the lanterns as well as any pre-existing litter from the surrounding desert.

Celebrating music and art, individuality, a meaningful venue design, sustainability, and the timing of the Fire and Lantern Ritual, RiSE Lantern Festival honors the sum total of each participant’s unique story and personal Lantern Message.

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