In June 1947 — a month before the legendary Roswell crash — pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw a fleet of silvery objects traveling at supersonic speed near Mount Rainier, southeast of Seattle. An article about the sighting in the East Oregonian coined the term “flying saucers” and triggered a surge of UFO reports across the country.

Three years later, Evelyn and Paul Trent of McMinnville snapped what are widely considered to be the first photos of a UFO in the United States. The photos caused a firestorm when they were published in newspapers worldwide — to this day, they are considered some of the most credible UFO photos ever taken.

Founded in 1999, the McMenamins UFO Festival began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting and has evolved into an epic celebration of all things extraterrestrial.

The family-friendly UFO Festival includes two days of special events, including live music, expert speaker panels, a pet alien costume contest and more. Past events have included:

A Costume Contest where Earthbound aliens can wow the judges;

A glow-in-the-dark light Landing Party with live music;

A Vendor Fair held by Mcminnville Downtown Association

The festival’s epic Costume Ball, where hundreds of humans dance the night away in out-of-this-world, alien-themed costumes.

A UFO Costume Parade that careens and cartwheels through town.

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