The company’s milestones:

June 6, 1925 – The Chrysler Corporation is incorporated on June 6, 1925, from the assets of the Maxwell Motor Company.

1928 – The Chrysler Corporation buys the Dodge Brothers Corporation and introduces the DeSoto and Plymouth brands.

1932 – The Plymouth becomes the third best-selling vehicle in the nation. Strong sales of the Plymouth enable the Chrysler Corporation to survive the Great Depression.

1940 – All-new bodies are introduced for the 1940 model-year Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto cars. This is the first year of production for the top-of-the-line Chrysler New Yorker, a model name that will last through the mid-1990s.

1941 – The company begins production of the Jeep with the introduction of the MB for the military.

April 28, 1955 – Chrysler and Philco announced the development and production of the World’s First All-Transistor car radio.

September 28, 1957 – Chrysler announced the first production electronic fuel injection (EFI), as an option on some of its new 1958 car models (Chrysler 300D, Dodge D500, DeSoto Adventurer, Plymouth Fury).

From 1963 through 1969 – Chrysler increased its existing stakes to take full control of the French Simca, British Rootes, and Spanish Barreiros companies, merging them into Chrysler Europe in 1967.

In the 1970s – An engineering partnership was established with Mitsubishi Motors, and Chrysler began selling Mitsubishi vehicles branded as Dodge and Plymouth in North America.

1979 – Chrysler produced an experimental electric vehicle in 1979, the company developed Chrysler ETV-1 electric prototype in cooperation with U.S. Department of Energy.

November 1983 – The Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager was introduced, establishing the minivan as a major category, and initiating Chrysler’s return to stability.

1992 – Chrysler developed the Dodge EPIC concept minivan.

1993 – Chrysler began to sell a limited-production electric minivan called the TEVan.

September 2007 – Chrysler established ENVI, an in-house organization focused on electric-drive vehicles and related technologies.

2008 – The first hybrid models, the Chrysler Aspen hybrid and the Dodge Durango hybrid, were discontinued a few months after production in 2008,[138] sharing their GM-designed hybrid technology with GM, Daimler and BMW.

2012 – FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said that Chrysler and Fiat both plan to focus primarily on alternative fuels, such as CNG and Diesel, instead of hybrid and electric drivetrains for their consumer products.

From 2014 to 2018 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles unveils the Group’s strategic plan for 2014-2018. This marks the beginning of a new phase for the now fully integrated global automaker, which pursues its ambitious strategic objectives while consistently delivering on the key financial targets set out in the plan.

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