Caterpillar Inc. (stock symbol CAT) is an American Fortune 500 corporation and the world’s largest construction-equipment manufacturer. Caterpillar Inc was even involved with man’s first voyage into space in 1969 and the successful landing on the moon. Cat supplied the communications power for this exploration on the Apollo 11 spacecraft and NASA has subsequently used Cat for communications power on all of their subsequent space stations.



The company’s milestones:

1883 – Caterpillar Inc can be traced back as far as the Holt Manufacturing Company who first started trading as the Stockton Wheel Service company in Stockton, California.

1925 – Holt Manufacturing merged WITH and the C. L. Best Tractor Company, creating a new entity, California-based Caterpillar Tractor Company.

1927 – Several tractors were made and sold to operate in the Yukon, one example of which was in operation until 1927, and remnants of it still exist.

1930 – The company was headquartered in San Leandro until 1930, when under the terms of the merger, it was moved to Peoria.

1948 – Since opening first Caterpillar dealership in Central Pennsylvania in 1948, the company has proudly carried on the Caterpillar tradition of excellence and service.



1950 – Caterpillar Tractor Company Ltd. was established in Great Britain as the first overseas subsidiary.

1962 – Recognizing that industry works abroad by rules that differ from those of the United States, Caterpillar announced the formation of a jointly owned venture in Japan.

1965 – CAT expanded its forklift line through the acquisition of the Mentor, Ohio-based Towmotor Corporation.

1975 – Caterpillar allocated more funds than ever before for expansion and product development.

1981 – CAT made a foray into the world of industrial gas turbines by acquiring the solar and turbomach divisions of International Harvester Company.



1986 – The company officially changed the name to the current Caterpillar Inc.

1987 – Caterpillar expanded its product line in order to remain competitive with such global players as Japan’s Komatsu.

The 1990s: Caterpillar machines and generators helped in humanitarian efforts, including extinguishing oil wells on fire in Kuwait (1991), and assisting after the Oklahoma Bombing (1995). Construction projects included the Panama Canal Widening Project (1995) and the 351-mile Canadian portion of the Maritimes & Northeast natural gas pipeline (1999). Product extensions included the H series of turbocharged graders (1995), the largest being the 24H (1996).

2001 – Caterpillar exited the agricultural tractor business.

January, 2003 saw Caterpillar ready to roll out its ACERT engine line-up, engineered to meet the environmental demand for reduced engine emissions.



2010 –  the company announced plans to further expand production of backhoe and small wheel loaders with a new factory.

2018 – Caterpillar was in the process of restructuring, closing a demonstration center in Panama and an engine-manufacturing facility in Illinois.

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