On January 30, the International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace is celebrated, on the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi (India, 1869-1948), a pacifist leader who defended and promoted non-violence and peaceful resistance against injustice and that he was assassinated for defending these ideas.

Llorenç Vidal Vidal, a Spanish poet, educator, and pacifist, felt that schools should be the place where the leaders and citizens of tomorrow are taught about the importance of universal peace and conflict resolution through non-violent means.

Vidal started the day in his hometown of Majorca. He conceptualized the day as a beginning for creating and nurturing an educational ecosystem that facilitates the teachings of non-violence. Over the years, owing largely to his efforts, the day has acquired the status of a pioneering, non-governmental, independent, free, and voluntary initiative to popularize the teachings of “non-violent and pacifying education,” absorbed by educational frameworks across the world.

Today, the day is observed worldwide and is also known by the acronym DENIP, derived from its Spanish name. DENIP is working to create and promote a culture and an ecosystem of education that values non-violence and peace. It propagates universal love over egoism, non-violence over violence, and peace over war.

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