Eagles are among the strongest and most magnificent birds of prey. Bald eagles are so special that they are celebrated as the symbol of strength, independence, and beauty in the U.S. The history of the National Save the Eagles Day is an inspiring story. It started in the village of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. It was mid-winter, the perfect nesting season for bald eagles, and a pair of eagles, fondly named Alice and Al, had nested along Overpeck Creek since 2011.

In 2014, Skymark Development Corporation of Paramus highlighted a study stating that a landfill near an eagles’ nest posed community health risks. As a part of the solution to mitigate the local health risks, they argued to remove the tree the eagles nested in. When this announcement was made public, the local community and the Bergen County Audubon Society organized Save The Eagles Day on January 10, 2015.

Soon, an agreement was reached between both sides to preserve the part of the land as eagle park. Alice and Al continued to nest in the same location and lived there for several years, and today there is a new pair that made their home in the same nest.

Today there are many laws such as the Endangered Species Act that protect the welfare of eagles.  Due to the continued effort of conservationists and the government, many species of eagles that were on the verge of extinction are now increasing in numbers. So let’s celebrate, save and support the welfare of eagles on this inspiring day.

According to nationaltoday.com. Source of photo: internet