America Recycles Day wasn’t always a national day. It began in Texas, where two employees of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality decided to celebrate Texas Recycles Day. This day was supposed to spread information about recycling in the state and encourage more people to recycle their waste.

These employees, Kevin Teurff and Valerie Davis kept up the observance of Texas Recycles Day as long as they worked with the Texas Commission. When they left their jobs, proposed the conversion of Texas Recycles Day to America Recycles Day. The National Recycling Coalition accepted the proposal and America Recycles Day was born.

The first America Recycles Day was announced in Florida, and over 40 states participated. Over the years, the National Recycling Coalition has worked on spreading the events throughout the country. Now there are over 3,000 events throughout all 50 states.

Thanks to the work of the Recycling Coalition and America Recycles Day events, recycling has increased from 7% in the 1960s to 32% today.

The largest community organization in America, Keep America Beautiful focuses on reducing littering and increasing recycling to beautify communities in America. This organization is one of the primary organizers of events on America Recycles Day.

They organize and promote recycling events right through the month of November. As part of their work in reducing litter, they organize volunteers to clean up communities and collect recyclable materials.

They also work to convince people to recycle more with social media campaigns, increasing the recycling rates throughout the country.

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