Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty companies and the largest fragrance company.  Coty acquired 41 beauty brands from Procter & Gamble in 2016, becoming the global leader in fragrance, the second largest company for hair color and styling products, and the third largest company for color cosmetics. The company operates three divisions: Consumer Beauty, which focuses on body care, color cosmetics, fragrances, and hair coloring and styling products; Luxury, for luxury cosmetic, fragrance, and skin care products; and Professional Beauty, which services beauty salon and nail salon professionals. Coty’s mission is to “celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty”.

The company’s milestones:

1904 – Coty was founded as a fragrance house in Paris, France by Joseph Marie François Spoturno. Coty decided to try something new and designed a fragrance around a single floral note, known as a soliflore, which he called La Rose Jacqueminot

1907 – Coty opened its first boutique in the most exclusive shopping district in Paris: La Place Vendôme.

1910 – Coty was quick to exploit foreign markets, opening a Moscow store and establishing a London subsidiary.

1912 – Coty established United States headquarters at 714 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Coty also began to expand its product portfolio, beginning with face powder and soon after a variety of other cosmetics and beauty products including for hair, nail, skin, and men’s toiletries.

1922 – Coty, Inc. is founded in New York City.

1934 – Coty introduced the revolutionary Air Spun Face Powder featuring an innovative new manufacturing technique that produced a softer, finer powder than any other on the market.

1939 – The five foreign Coty companies are reorganized in Coty International Corp.

1955 – Coty became a key player in the American lipstick market with the launch of Coty 24.

1965 – Coty introduced Imprevu, its first new perfume in 25 years.

1967 – Coty Originals offered a comprehensive collection of newly designed makeup products at popular prices.

1970s saw a flurry of innovation in Coty cosmetics and skincare with a range of new applications, effects, and formulations

1997 – Coty introduced  The Healing Garden, a line of four herbal-based ‘aromatherapy’ fragrances that quickly developed into a collection of 34 stockkeeping units, and its first fragrance bath-and-body line, Calgon Body Mists.

1999 –  Coty introduced Adidas Moves, a men’s fragrance, to the United States and was planning to add its line of soaps as well.

2002 – Coty signs Jennifer Lopez and launches her first fragrance, Glow by JLO, which is a hit.

2006 – Coty Prestige is created to manage Coty’s premium brands.

2013 – Coty became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

2018 – Coty relaunched the CoverGirl and Clairol brands, including the Nice ‘n Easy hair coloring product. The relaunches included new messaging and product development, with an emphasis on diversity.

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