FlixBus was founded in Munich in 2011 by three German men. Their business model is quite interesting as the company doesn’t actually own any of the buses or employ any of the drivers. Instead, FlixBus contracts with local companies to provide and run the buses. This has allowed them to scale quite quickly both in the United States and in Europe. 

They have 90% of the market share in Germany. But, this also makes it difficult for anyone to predict the quality of service from FlixBus as it can vary quite drastically depending on the local buses and customer service of the staff. 

That’s not the only thing the company does well. FlixBus has a seamless booking system on both its website and app. It is incredibly easy and straightforward to view the available options for planning your journey by choosing applicable ride times and dates and paying for the trip online. 

Flixbus operates buses or, in many cases, just handles marketing, pricing, and customer service for a commission, on behalf of bus operators on the list of FlixBus bus partners.

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