The Taste of Chicago (also known locally as The Taste) is the world’s largest food festival, held for five days in July in Chicago, Illinois in Grant Park. The event is also the largest festival in Chicago.

The taste of Chicago is an annual event and a 5-day food festival which is held in July in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. The festival features food stalls from many Chicago area restaurants and live music performances to popularize the Chicago gourmet. The taste of Chicago is the world’s largest free-entry outdoor food festival. This annual lakefront event lets you get acquainted with the tastes of Chicago with its classic specialties from international cuisine to unique creations inspired by chefs. It gives you a perfect opportunity to taste food from some of the best restaurants in Chicago.

In 2019, it had 82 restaurants participated in this festival along with 24 pop-up stalls and 17 food trucks serving food showcasing the different tastes of Chicago. Adding a cherry on the pie, you get to check out the local artists who showcase their work, catch some fantastic live performances from dance companies and live music from well know acts absolutely free.

Though admission to the Taste of Chicago festival is free, you need to buy coupons – 14 coupons for $10 to buy food items there-in. You may utilize these to buy full-size portions or in case unsure of what to buy, you may buy the sample-size portions from any of the food stalls here. This gives you a good opportunity to taste food from a wide range of Chicago restaurants. Remember to check out the pop-up stalls and the food trucks that offer some finger-licking Chicago gourmet.

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