Spam (stylized as SPAM) is a brand of salty processed canned pork and ham made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It was introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II.By 2003, Spam was sold in 41 countries (and trademarked in over 100) on six continents. In the U.S., Hawaii is the state with the highest per capita consumption of Spam. It has become a common ingredient in Hawaiian cuisine.

The generic form of Spam may be sold in cans as “pork lunch meat”. It is available in different flavours, some using different meats, as well as in “lite” and lower-sodium versions. Like most hotdogs, Spam is precooked, making it safe and edible to eat straight from the can, but it is often cooked further to improve some characteristics of its palatability.

Spam’s main ingredients are pork shoulder and ham. with salt, water, modified potato starch (as a binder), sugar, and sodium nitrite (as a preservative). Natural gelatin is formed during cooking in its tins on the production line.

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