PlayStation Now (PS Now) has been gathering more and more attention over the years, with Sony refining and improving its game streaming service.

PlayStation Now (PS Now), was a standalone video game subscription service the first on consoles developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The service offered cloud gaming for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 4 games that could be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows computers.

In addition, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 4 games could be downloaded to play locally on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. With the expansion of the PlayStation Plus service to offer additional tiers in May-June 2022, the standalone PlayStation Now subscription was shut down, but its services were incorporated into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier.

No games could be downloaded to a PC. Downloaded games could be played without an internet connection, but internet connection was required for verification every few days.

Non-PlayStation devices required a DualShock 3, 4, DualSense, or any XInput-compatible controller, such as an Xbox gamepad, to use the service. If members intended to stream their games, Sony recommended that players have a minimum of 5 Mbps internet connection to achieve good performance.

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