The company Wise Voter aggregated data and ranked the states in the U.S. according to the average I.Q. score, alongside other metrics such as the average SAT scores in the state, literacy rates, and numeracy rates.

The table below includes a list of the top ten smartest states in the U.S., ranked according to their average I.Q. score. According to I.Q. test results, the smartest states in the U.S. are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, Minnesota, Maine, Montana, Iowa, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.

At the top of the list is Massachusetts, which reported an average score of 104.3. That makes it the smartest state in the country. Next up is New Hampshire, which stole second place with an average I.Q. of 104.2. In third and fourth place are North Dakota and Vermont (in alphabetical order), which both had average I.Q.scores of 103.8. Minnesota is fifth, with an average I.Q. of 103.7.

Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. It is one of the most educated, most developed, and wealthiest states in the U.S.: it ranks first in the percentage of the population 25 and over with either a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree, first on both the American Human Development Index and standard Human Development Index, first in per capita income, and second in median household income (after Maryland). Consequently, Massachusetts ranks among the top states in the country for citizens to live in, as well as one of the most expensive in the country.

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