Ice Breakers was launched in the 1990’s by Nabisco Holding’s LifeSaver division in order to compete with similar mint brands. Hershey purchased Ice Breakers from Nabisco in 2000 for $135 million in a deal that also included mint and chewing gum brands like Bubble Yum, Breath Savers, CareFree and Stickfree. Ice Breakers began showing growth following the acquisition by Hershey.

Ice Breakers manufactures and sells mint and chewing gum products including cool mints, peppermint chews and soft, cube-shaped gum branded as Ice Cubes. In 2003, Ice Breakers launched Liquid Ice, a liquid filled mint. An advertising and PR campaign that centered around Jessica Simpson was also launched to promote the product.

In 2004, the company released its dual-pack gum and mints. Later that year, Ice Breakers signed Hilary and Haylie Duff as the brand’s spokeswomen. Blue and red MTV-promotional packs of 15-stick Cool Mint and Cinnamon Ice Breakers (‘with Micro Liquid Ice Capsules’) gum were featured in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, where they were stolen by Harry Lockhart (played by Robert Downey Jr.) and Harmony Faith Lane (played by Michelle Monaghan) from a hotel lobby. In April 2018, Ice Breakers launched an edible glitter-sprinkled gum that they hoped would appeal to Millennials.

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