Game Informer (GI, most often stylized game informer from the 2010s onward) is an American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. It debuted in August 1991 when video game retailer FuncoLand started publishing an in-house newsletter.

The publication is now owned and published by GameStop, who bought FuncoLand in 2000. Due to this, a large amount of promotion is done in-store, which has contributed to the success of the magazine. As of June 2017, it is the 5th most popular magazine by copies circulated. Starting from the 2010s, Game Informer has transitioned to a more online-based focus.

Game Informer Online was originally launched in August 1996 and featured daily news updates as well as articles. As part of the GameStop purchase of the magazine, this original site was closed around January 2001. GI Online was revived, at the same domain name, in September 2003, with a full redesign and many additional features, such as a review database, frequent news updates, and exclusive “Unlimited” content for subscribers.

In March 2009, the online staff began creating the code for what would be the latest redesign to date. The redesign was to release hand-in-hand with the magazine’s own redesign. On October 1, 2009, the newly redesigned website was live. Many new features were introduced, including a rebuilt media player, a feed highlighting the site activity of the website’s users, and the ability to create user reviews. At the same time, the magazine’s podcast, The Game Informer Show, was launched.

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