Classic Journeys has led small group travel experiences since 1987, and was among one of the few tour operators licensed to legally bring Americans to Cuba starting in 2010—a process the company started in 2003.

The California-based business partners with local guides who often have deep community relationships, as well as the flexibility to deviate from the pre-planned daily schedule as they see fit, like squeezing in an unexpected dinner invitation to a family’s home, or participating in a festival the group happens to run into.

With more than 100 itineraries offered to destinations around the world, including Europe, North and South America, you can choose from six days in Belize exploring Mayan culture, forests, and marine reserves; or head to Cuba to cook with a local chef, visit a cigar-making factory, chat with a photojournalist who captured Castro’s life, and more.

While the company offers small group tours including family adventures and tours for solo travelers, 40 percent of its business comes from custom-designed tours. Discounts are available for adults traveling with children, and those traveling with six individuals or more to a party.

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