Established in 2008, the Shire is a whimsical escape for adults, located in remote northwest Montana. The Shire features a guest house styled to imitate a hobbit home from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional world, Middle Earth. Complete with a troll bridge and fairy habitats, this unique road trip destination is open from May 1, to November 1.

Every little detail is considered: the Gandalf frosted glass, the ring of power dangling from a beam, and your own hairy-footed Hobbit slippers. The trees are decorated like friendly Ents, there is a troll mining pit and many famous hobbits live locally. And of course, the Ring Wraiths are here to steal your soul – not really but do look out for the Bald Eagle that patrols the sky. The furnishings are all hand made, there is Internet and a plush media system.

Perhaps surprisingly, the resort is adults-only but this is in line with owner Steve Michaels’ wish to help people connect with their inner child in a quiet space. And he should know, he’s a qualified hypnotherapist and self-help author.

The entire hobbit village overlooks the scenic Whitepine Alpaca Ranch, which features an old-fashioned, red barn built in 1918 and a pond that attracts a myriad of waterfowl. Guests might also see deer, elk, and moose swimming in the pond. Coyotes, mountain lions and the occasional bear or wolf visit as well.

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