Located in the Deep South at the Mississippi Delta, Shack Up Inn welcomes guests in restored sharecropper shacks. This unique place used to be one of the richest cotton-growing territories in the nation. Sharecroppers and tenant farmers living in hardship and poverty paved the way and blessed us with popular music genres, including Delta blues and rock & roll. Expect music festivals here all year round!

The old-school cabins are made of whatever construction materials were available, but mostly wood and aluminum. It’s a showcase example of nothing going to waste – a modern-day answer to clever recycling in an old-day package. The interiors are cozy and plastered with local memorabilia. Under the skin, the accommodation is more luxurious and comes with air conditioning and a coffee maker. Are cabins not unique enough? You can stay in a farm silo too! If you are hooked and ready to book, make sure that you are at least 25 years old, as they have a minimum age requirement.

The former habitat of the cotton gin (engine) is now home to the bar and lobby. Saved for future generations, there is even an example of the first mechanized cotton pickers made by the International Harvester. Ground Zero Blues Club and Red’s Lounge are the places to be if you plan on staying at Shack Up Inn. Live blues music among great folks all night long!

Instead of a Japanese garden with picture-perfect grass, expect a brilliantly oxidated chassis of vintage pickup trucks in the garden and benches where you can munch on some juicy burgers. The on-site shop sells guitars, pictures, and awesome t-shirts. Shack Up Inn is an ideal stop-over for some good old fun in a friendly and honest atmosphere if you are on a road trip to Memphis, Chicago, or New Orleans.

According to uniqhotels.com. Source of photos: internet