Tianyu Arts & Culture’s Lantern Festivals give families a great option when looking for an engaging experience that caters to all ages. Not only do the festivals educate guests about traditional Chinese and Asian culture, but the events also provide a safe environment where parents have to worry less about the safety of their children and more about taking in all of the beautiful displays surrounding them. The festivals also provide educational opportunities for children and adults alike.

The company’s team of designers, artisans, and operations professionals bring more than two decades of experience creating authentic and interactive lantern events in partnership with destinations around the globe. The company has produced 86 light festivals in zoos, parks, and venues around the U.S. in 32 cities, welcoming over 7 million visitors.

The company want to create memorable experiences for visitors of all ages and backgrounds, and work with each destination partner to produce successful events that promote each partners’ values. Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc., is an industry leader with extensive expertise in creating custom experiences to suit the venue and audience. It strives for the highest level of quality and experience by focusing on three primary components.

Events were organized by Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc., are more memorable when they feature opportunities for visitors to engage their senses and actively participate. Its custom lanterns meld ancient techniques with the latest LED and lighting effects, enabling visitors to change colors, activate animations, and physically engage with numerous displays. The company’s lanterns appeal to social media audiences and are designed to be photographed, videoed, and shared.

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