Predictions for what new features Apple might introduce with the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition, or iPhone X) are wide-ranging. However, the consensus seems to be that augmented reality is the new frontier for smartphones, and Apple reportedly has "hundreds" of people currently working on ways to bring AR into the mainstream. 

With the expected September launch of the new iPhone still half a year away, enterprising designers have taken it upon themselves to create concepts of what the next iPhone might look like. 

One of our favorite concepts comes from Budapest-based product designer Gábor Balogh. Check it out:


Balogh's iPhone 8 concept features a beautiful edge-to-edge screen that many analysts predict will make its debut in 2017


Despite having the same footprint as an iPhone 7, Balogh's edge-to-edge screen makes the device seem much larger. His concept also features a dynamic background that changes based on whatever the phone's camera is pointed at. 


More impressive, however, is his interpretation of how Siri would use augmented reality to answer context and location-based questions.


In Balogh's iPhone 8 concept, the dynamic background comes in handy when you ask Siri a question, as the virtual assistant will be able to recognize landmarks and locations around you to tell you what you need to know. 


Here's where AR could be truly helpful: Balogh foresees an iPhone that will take the guesswork out of following tricky directions on Apple or Google Maps.


Here, the augmented reality would use your camera to present you with an easy-to-follow blue line that will take you all the way to your destination. 

Since apps towards the top of the iPhone screen can be difficult to reach, the problem would only be exacerbated by an edge-to-edge screen. This iPhone 8 concept counters that issue by shifting the apps down towards the home button


Last but not least, this iPhone 8 concept also pictures future AR integration with the Health app, so that you can simply point your phone at someone and ask Siri how they are.


The iPhone 8 event isn't expected to take place until September, but these concepts are getting us excited for the future of the iPhone.


There will be countless rumors between now and then, and only time will tell how close they end up being, but we hope Apple takes note. 


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