From time to time we're going to be popping into the App Store to let you know what the top 10 paid apps are.

If it's been a little while since you've downloaded an app, or are just in the mood to try something new, you might find what you've been looking for here.


1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft goes mobile! If you've ever wanted to check out why Minecraft is one of the most successful games on the planet, you don't need to invest in a game console.

Minecraft Pocket Edition, $6.99


2. NBA 2K17


Basketball fans can also enjoy their favorite sport during their commute with this app version of NBA 2K17.

This is the same game that launched on game consoles last year, so you won't miss any of the action when you're on your commute.

NBA 2K17, $4.99


3. Heads up


This popular party game pits players against one another as each tries to to guess the person, place, or thing on the iPhone's screen while holding it on their forehead. 

Heads up, $.99


4. Bloons TD


Bloons is a top-down tower defence game where the objective is to build up your arsenal and protect yourself from invading forces.

The cartoon-y graphics may look kid-friendly, but tower defense games tend to get difficult very quickly.

Bloons TD, $2.99


5. Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is a fast-paced, rhythm-based action platformer with an upbeat original soundtrack.

In order to make it through each level, you'll have to avoid obstacles by tapping along to the beat of the song that's playing.

Geometry Dash, 0.99


6. Enlight


Enlight is a photo-editing tool that lets you perform simple actions, including cropping and resizing, to more advanced actions, like superimposing two images on top of one another.

Apple has gone so far as to call Enlight "the best all-in-one photo editor."

Enlight, $3.99


7. Plague Inc.


Plague Inc. is a real-time simulation game that puts you in control of a highly contagious virus. Your aim is to watch it spread, and modify it as people continue to work on a cure.

Plague Inc., %%%~COMPRESS~TEXTAREA~0~%%%.99


8. Hidden Folks


Hidden folks is essentially a digital version of Where's Waldo. 

You're shown an illustration of a crowded scene, and asked to find specific objects from it. The pictures are all in black and white, but they're so loaded with detail that it should still pose a good challenge.

Hidden Folks, %%%~COMPRESS~TEXTAREA~0~%%%.99



9. Monopoly

Another digital version of an analog favorite: Monopoly is now available on your iPhone.

Monopoly, %%%~COMPRESS~TEXTAREA~0~%%%.99 


10. Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar


Ultimate Guitar's Tabs & Chords is a must-have for any budding guitar player. 

I've used the app for years, and it's constantly updated with new features that make me reach for it every day.

You're given access to Ultimate Guitar's repository of songs, along with easy-to-follow taberture, and can tap on any chord to get a chart of the finger placements. 

Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar, $2.99


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