At the event, the delicacies were made by a team of more than 60 chefs, divided into 11 teams to participate in the processing and performing with a variety of ingredients, but all have coconut components such as coconut palm heart, shredded coconut, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut water, sprouted coconut, etc. Upon completion, the dishes are displayed on coconut handicraft products and presented on a coconut trees model with a length of 8m and a width of 6m.

This event aims to highlight the unique advantages and diverse culinary heritage of Vietnam’s “coconut land” – Ben Tre province, to both domestic and international tourists.

These are some pictures from the event:




More than 60 chefs are preparing 222 coconut-based delicacies



 Various components of the coconut tree are used to prepare delicacies.





Finished 222 coconut-based delicacies




The chefs are arranging delicacies on a model of coconut trees with a length of 8m and a width of 6m



 Model of coconut trees after completing the presentation.