Pham Van Tuyen (born on October 20, 1974) of Hai Phong city, Vietnam, set the record for successfully creating the “Bach Binh” collection (100 Fortune Vases), the most diverse collection of one hundred terracotta bas-relief vases with relief patterns and Vietnamese traditional motifs in Asia.

Despite not being born in a typical artisan hamlet or receiving genetic characteristics from his family, Artisan Pham Van Tuyen has been exploring, learning about, and treating pottery as his life mission with deep devotion.

Meritorious artist Pham Van Tuyen officially conceived and produced a collection of one hundred vases with varied shapes, textures, and heights ranging from 45cm to 90cm after mastering the application of the terracotta production method from wet clay to final product, ceramic. Each piece is meticulously embossed to depict old Vietnamese designs inspired by historical landmarks.

The “Bach Binh” line is distinct in that it is handcrafted, coated in gio enamel, aesthetically and luxuriously sculpted, and thoroughly burned utilizing ancient wood-burning processes. Each Loc Binh (fortune vase) is a unique work of art with old relief patterns and cultural symbols such as dragons, tigers, lotuses, string chrysanthemums, and so on. On November 18, 2022, the record was officially confirmed.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury- General Director of Asia Book of Records (ABR) and Mr.Tran Viet Hung – Standing Member of Vietnam Record Organization awarded the Asia record certificate to artisan Pham Van Tuyen (Photo: VietKings) 

At the 52nd Meeting of Vietnam Record Holders on May 20, 2023, artisan Pham Van Tuyen was officially awarded the Asia Record Certificate by the Asia Book of Records for his “Bach Binh collection” with the title of “The Asia’s most diverse collection of one hundred terracotta bas-relief vases with reliefs pattern and Vietnamese traditional motifs.”