The beginning of Barbie girl summer starts now.

While the “Barbie” movie won’t be hitting theaters until July, fans can now visit the plastic, fantastic world of the iconic Malibu Barbie doll in New York City at the Malibu Barbie Café.

The perfectly pink and bright space sports plenty of photo opps, including a Barbie box and a lifeguard stand, details Derek Berry, head of experiences at Bucketlisters, the team behind the café, tells were carefully picked so diners feel like they were transported to 1970s Malibu.

“We instantly were like, we have to do something way out, fun, super over the top,” Berry says. “The location is great because it’s obviously the total opposite of Malibu — we want people to come in and feel like they’re totally not in New York.”

The two-story loft space gives the airy feeling of Malibu, but decked out with neon murals and beachside touches, including beach chairs surrounded by sand in the corner of the first floor, that is inspired by Malibu Barbie’s permanent home since 1971.

“We couldn’t resist the opportunity to drop in Malibu to New York City,” Julie Freeland, senior director of location based entertainment at Mattel, tells “That debut in ’71 is just as relevant then as it is now, and taking that 70s retro cool vibe and then add to that, incredible food and drinks, that was a really important thing for us.”

After checking out the Instagrammable exhibits, diners can head to their table to snack on their choice of eight main dishes designed by chef Becky Brown, a semifinalist on “MasterChef.”

“We gave her full creative (direction) and she just ran with it,” he says. “And she nailed it. For me, the food has to be as cool and as authentic as like photo moments.”

Both Berry and Freeland tell their favorite dishes are the Beach Burger and the Today is the Day Parfait.

While I have not yet gotten to try the food myself, TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were among the first people to step foot in the space during a first look at the café and taste Brown’s menu.

“Malibu Barbie is all about like fresh, beautiful, delicious cuisine,” Brown said on TODAY, before showing Hoda and Jenna one of her favorites — the parfait, which comes with coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, and of course, glitter sugar.

Reflecting on her favorite part of the menu, Hoda says, “The glitter, cinnamon glitter, sugar glitter.”

“Of course Barbie eats glitter!” Jenna chimes in.

The perfectionistic attention to detail doesn’t end with the food — Berry says one of the most Insta-worthy parts of the café is the Barbie box.

The life-size pink box filled with all of Barbie’s accessories for a perfect day roller blading and surfing around Malibu is a perfect fit, even for the massive Barbie seen in the first teaser for the film, which premieres July 21.

“I love our version of the Barbie box,” Berry says. “I just think there’s so much depth to it and it’s a little bit different than the ones people are used to. I think it’s going to be a really big moment.”

Berry recommends to make reservations for the café as he expects it to be “packed normally,” and noting that tickets include an entrée and a side item.

The Malibu Barbie Café opens May 17.

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