Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Company created the Vietnamese Tet feast table in the shape of a pair of Coca-Cola bottles as part of their campaign to spread the meaning of the Vietnamese family’s Tet table.

Being part of the meals of millions of Vietnamese families for nearly three decades now, Coca-Cola understands the value of quality family time, especially during Tet, one of the most important traditional holidays of the Vietnamese people. During the years, COCA-COLA® has been a mainstay on the family dinner table, strengthening the bonds between the family members.

The Timeless Magic Table, which was held in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), drew thousands of people, mostly families, to participate. At the event, there are about a thousand families gathered on the table that served Vietnamese traditional meals for New Year. Family members gathered on a dining table arranged in the shape of two Coca-Cola bottles to celebrate Tet with a variety of traditional dishes, exchanges, and gifts.

Through images of the timeless magic table of family meals, Coca-Cola hopes to share with Vietnamese people the joy of family reunions during Tet that remained unchanged over the years.

Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) is the World Records Union’s representative in bestowing the world record certificate on Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Company.

Ms. Van Nguyen Head of International Relation Division delivery the Authorization Letter from WorldKings.

Dr. Nguyen Van Vien – Vice-Chairman of Vietnam Record Association and a member of Global WorldKings Council; Mr. Tran Hoang – Permanent member of Vietnam Record Acknowledgment Council and a member of Global WorldKings Council awarded the world record certificate to Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Company.

According to World Records Union (Workings)