The Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library was founded in 2005. The 10,000 square foot Museum contains one of the largest displays of dolls and teddy bears you will find in the U.S. with 4,000+ of the collection's historical and contemporary dolls and teddy bears on display in the Museum’s three galleries.The number of display cases was expanded from eighty (80) to one hundred and fifty (150) in 2014 to accommodate rotating displays and to share more of Susan Quinlan’s personal collection with the public.



The Museum was founded by Susan and Terence Quinlan. As a child in Cleveland, OH, Susan Quinlan took weekend classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where her father taught Saturday art classes. She spent hours familiarizing herself with the many art treasures on display and learned to appreciate the artistic abilities of others.



The character of a collection is a reflection of the museum founder's interests. In the case of this Museum, Susan Quinlan's interest in California history and books are reflected by the dolls and teddy bears of California artists and manufacturers as well as dolls and teddy bears representing literary characters.



According to thesprucecrafts and quinlanmuseum