Stine Seed Company was founded by Harry Stine’s father in the 1950s as Stine Seed Farm. In 1997, they entered into a large-scale collaboration with Monsanto, focusing on increasing corn and soybean yields. The Stine name has a proud history dating to the 1940s when Bill Stine began cleaning public variety soybean seed with a portable cleaner. Since then, Stine has grown and expanded, becoming one of the most recognized and respected names in the corn and soybean industry.

It is the largest private seed company in the U.S, has 15,000 acres of Iowa farmland and is almost entirely owned by Harry Stine and his four children. Stine has nearly 400 employees in 16 states, and 500 globally. According to Harry Stine, his children are active in Stine Seed with his eldest Lucinda crossing soybeans, Myron in charge of the Brand, Warren as the liaison between marketing and research, and Brenda as a part-time attorney with Stine Seed.

The company has over 900 patents, specialising in soybean and corn genetics. Customers include Monsanto and Syngenta. Stine Seed has developed high-density corn varieties, with shorted plants but planted 8-12 inches apart, rather than 42 inches apart when horses were used, allowing for average yields of up to 300 bushels per acre.

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