Humane, an AI startup co-founded by two former Apple employees, showcased its first product, the AI Pin, recently. The AI Pin is designed to replace the smartphone, allowing you to “live in the moment.” The AI Pin is up for preorders in the US starting Thursday, November 16, for $699, with shipping expected to start by March 2024. It also requires a monthly subscription of $24. 

What is the AI Pin?

The AI Pin’s showcase video comes after months of speculation, demos, and glimpses into the potential landscape of AI devices. In the video, Humane’s messaging is clear — the AI Pin is an alternative to traditional smartphones, embodying a unique blend of functionality and unobtrusive design.

The ‘pin’ comprises two components—a square device and a magnetically attachable battery pack. It is powered by a Snapdragon processor, though Humane hasn’t specified which model. The AI Pin introduces a novel interface encompassing voice control, gesture recognition, a camera, and a compact built-in projector. Weighing a mere 34 grams, the AI Pin, when coupled with the additional ‘battery booster,’ still weighs only 54 grams —  lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Notably, the pin’s 13-megapixel camera captures both photos and videos, the latter will be available through a subsequent software update.

How does it work?

According to Humane, the AI Pin remains dormant until manually activated by a tap and drag motion on the touchpad.

The AI Pin’s operation hinges on a fusion of sensors and AI technology, predominantly relying on extensive language models. This enables the device to comprehend user context and furnish pertinent information and functionality.

The pin can project a display onto the user’s palm, with which they can interact with a finger tap, much like Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

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