The 110,000-square-foot North Las Vegas facility is the largest residential recycling center in North America, with the capacity to process 2 million pounds of recyclable material a day (or roughly 70 tons per hour). For context, the bales of recyclables the facility processes in a single day can reach as high as two Stratosphere towers.


It has sophisticated sorters of the magnetic, optical and humankind—separating trash into paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and landfill-bound. It’s a stunning display of the detritus of modern society, from plastic water bottles to food containers to a head-spinning array of product packaging.

In one corner sits a mountain of cardboard boxes, the majority stamped with the Amazon smiley face, a reminder of the price of convenience. Walters even has a name for this new class of trash: the Amazon effect. During the pandemic, it has increased in proportion to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ net worth.

As a leader in the environmental services industry, we’re leveraging technology to increase recycling at the Southern Nevada Recycling Center, which takes in 1.8 million pounds of recyclables per day.

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