Lookout Mountain is coincidentally located 25 miles from three different states. The edge of Lookout Mountain is already in Georgia and a half mile from Chattanooga, TN. If you look southwest from your vantage point at the edge of Lookout Mountain, you’ll see Alabama 25 miles away.

People also say that when the sky is clear and with a good set of binoculars you can see up to 7 different states. As the story goes, during the Civil War, there was a nurse on Lookout Mountain that wrote: “from this point, on a clear day with a good glass, I think you can see seven states.”

The 4 other states you can see from Lookout Mountain are North Carolina at 50 miles away, Kentucky and Virginia at 120 miles away, and South Carolina at 80 miles away. You have to be in the correct places and using the correct tools to view that far. The two places we recommend on Lookout Mountain are either visiting Rock City and using their stationary binoculars to look far into the horizon. Or you can visit Point Park and look off the Ochs Observatory.

Rock City is located on the eastern side of the mountain, a location that provides amazing views into the valley below and Chattanooga in the distance. The observation deck is built with high powered binoculars, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. The sites are best viewed on a clear day with little to no cloud cover. Point Park is further north at the top of Lookout Mountain, which gives you the best 360-degree viewing platform. At Ochs Observatory in Point Park, there are not stationary binoculars, so it would be beneficial to bring your own.

Point Park and Rock City are located down the street from each other, so you can visit both locations within a short drive. If you’re riding up to the top of Lookout Mountain on the Incline, then you’re a short walking distance away from Point Park and a short walking distance from viewing seven states. You will need to drive to Rock City to reach the observation point, which is three miles down East Brow Road.

Seeing Seven States is a treat, but being on top of Lookout Mountain, there is always more to explore. Head down the mountain to experience Ruby Falls, a 100 ft underground waterfall. If you have time, take the short drive into Chattanooga to do everything from visiting the aquarium to getting some ice cream. We hope your trip to Lookout Mountain is amazing and have fun seeing seven states from one place!

According to lookoutmountain