San Juan Pools was started in Seattle Washington in 1958 as a family-owned business and continues now on its third generation of the Sullivan family. They were the first company to introduce the world to the benefits of a fiberglass swimming pool: Quick installation, low maintenance, and a satin smooth finish.

With their cutting-edge designs, San Juan was the first company to offer vanishing-edge fiberglass pools and now they lead the way with a new innovation in the fiberglass pool industry.

San Juan offers one of the largest selections of fiberglass pool models to choose from. There are over seventy pool models and ten spa models. These include pool-spa combos, swim spas, vanishing edge pools, and even play pools- steps on each end and then deep in the middle. Customer can also customize their fiberglass pool by adding such features as water line tile, mosaics, fountains, colored pool lights, swim jets, and more. The company’s swim jets are custom-built into your pool and allow a constant swim against an adjustable current. The company can also create a saltwater pool for its customer.

The advent of 3D printing promises to lower the cost for building homes, and it would seem that the same holds true for swimming pools. With dealerships all over the United States, San Juan Pools has been operating its family-owned business for almost 65 years. As one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass pools, the 3D-printed pool is a first.

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