Raptor Ag, LLC, was founded in January 2016 to pursue hazelnut development projects in Oregon, along with other permanent crop opportunities. The company has operations offices near Corvallis, Ore., and Marietta, Okla.; accounting offices in Murray, Ky.; and its headquarters is based in Edmond, Okla.

The company and its investing partners prefer to own the ground they operate and welcome inquiries from landowners that are interested in selling. Additionally, Raptor Ag also considers long-term leases. Leases are very landowner friendly while providing security to Raptor Ag over decades to generate a strong rate of return.

Through acquisitions or leases, Raptor Ag provides financially attractive solutions for family farm generational transfers and absentee landowners. Raptor Ag requires ground be high quality soils with water rights.  Since its launch, the group has diversified into pecans, and stated that it is open to the possible expansion into other permanent and annual crops.

The group focuses on high-quality land that includes significant water rights. It then adheres to intensive management strategies for its orchards, which are all on a drip line fertigation program overseen by its full-time operations staff.

Currently holding more than 3,000 acres of hazelnut orchard land in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, of which approximately 2,000 acres are in production, Raptor Ag has established itself as the leader of the North American industry. A position from which it continues to scout and evaluate properties to further grow its business.

When the group began expanding into pecans in 2021, it targeted a specific region in the state of Oklahoma based on optimum climatic conditions and available water resources. It began with the purchase of 1,300 tillable acres, of which the group was able to plant about 1,040 high-density acres in January and February, all of which are under drip line fertigation.

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