A new world record has been set, this time for the largest pizza in the world.

It measures 4,264 square meters and provides 68,000 slices, in total it took 6,192 kilos of dough, 2,244 kilos of tomato sauce, 3,992 of cheese, and 630,496 slices of pepperoni.

It was Pizza Hut that was in charge of cooking what has officially been labeled the world’s largest pizza.

The restaurant hired its entire team to pull this off. To build the pizza, individual squares of dough were spread out in a huge space at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Once all the toppings were in place, unable to fit them into an oven, the company heated the pizza from above in sections, moving a heating device along the pizza to make sure each slice was heated properly.

David Graves, president of Pizza Hut, was the mastermind behind the whole scheme, which was also a tribute to his pizza from the 1990s: The Big New Yorker.

A type of pizza that returns to their menus on February 1, coinciding with the official new record.

According to marca.com. Source of photos: internet