Phillips Mushroom Farms is the largest grower of specialty mushrooms in what is considered the Mushroom Capital of the World. The Phillips family started growing mushrooms in Kennett Square in 1927, on the same property now utilized to ship fresh mushrooms from coast-to-coast.

For four generations, Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square has been the epitome of excellence in the consistently growing mushroom industry, writes Keith Loria for The Produce News.

The family started growing mushrooms in 1927. Today, it uses the same plot of land, from which it currently ships fresh mushrooms throughout the country. Today, the family business harvests its more than one million square feet of growing space annually. It is also the nation’s largest grower of specialty mushrooms.

For decades, the farm has been providing high quality and consistency to its customers. It has become a leader in overall mushroom production.

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