First formulated by Caleb Bradham as ‘Brad’s Drink’ in 1893, the Pepsi we know and love today took on its official name of ‘Pepsi-Cola’ in 1898, which was then shortened to just ‘Pepsi’ in 1961. Now, 125 years after the popular soda came to be, it’s unveiling a whole new visual identity.

The brand-new, 360-degree branding was designed in-house by PepsiCo Design & Innovation, featuring a spirited color palette, eye-catching typeface, and “energetic pulse” that aims to call forth a new era in which the brand appears “younger than ever.”

Interestingly, this anniversary rebrand is the beverage’s first makeover in 14 years. Designers wanted to come up with a look that would allow Pepsi to bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces, allowing fans to better engage with their favorite drink in any scenario.

Key highlights feature a blended globe motif and wordmark that enables the iconic emblem to fit into a whole array of branding elements without losing its distinctive look, while an updated color palette adds electric blue and black to up the contrast and vibrancy of the familiar color scheme.

In particular, the brand’s creatives wanted to connect the instantly recognizable Pepsi blue with the black that has usually been reserved for Pepsi Zero Sugar, merging the two together in a new, visually distinct can silhouette that will draw the eye when displayed on shelves.

Additionally, the modern typeface, dubbed ‘Pepsi Owners’, reflects the brand’s “confidence and unapologetic mindset,” while the introduction of a moving visual principle—the signature Pepsi pulse—adds a “ripple, pop, and fizz” to the drink’s branding in the digital world.

Pepsi plans to roll out its new persona this fall in the United States and Canada, and will later expand it globally in 2024.

According to Source of photos: internet