According to the 10-year-old’s “momager” Christine, Victory was born with it.

“She was singing little nursery rhymes at 18 months and she was on pitch,” Christine said.

As Victory grew up, the singing only continued with Christine saying her daughter sings morning, noon and night.

“Victory sometimes sings in her sleep, yes! We try to figure out what song is she singing in there!”

The young opera singer’s voice has taken her all across the U.S., and even outside of it.

In 2019, Victory was invited to Milan Italy, to break the World Record, which she did with ease.

“It felt great because I didn’t really know about the World Record,” Victory admitted.

The rising star would go on to make history once again, when she appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2021, becoming the first contestant to receive a unanimous Golden Buzzer.

“I was so excited, the confetti was really pretty, and I have a little box of it too! I was like grabbing handfuls of it and stuffing it in my mom’s purse. I felt bad for the cleaning people though,” Victory said.