Pen Company of America is proud to say that we have been manufacturing our writing instruments in the United States since the 1920s, right down to the injection-molded plastic components and writing cartridges. The company remained dedicated to its U.S. manufacturing roots and resisted the pull of offshoring, even during the dire years of the 1990s and early 2000s, when almost every other pen manufacturer moved production overseas.

Pen Company of America  (PCA), formerly Rotary Pen, is the largest manufacturer of USA-made plastic ballpoint pens, manufacturing over 40 million pens, pencils and markers annually. Established in 1928, PCA is run by a fourth generation who continue to injection mold, assemble, imprint, and package writing instruments in their Garwood, NJ factory.

As the leading manufacturer of USA plastic writing instruments, PCA products are currently sold into the promotional product industry, retail – both in stores and online, the US government and the healthcare industry.  With the acquisitions of Garland and Ben-Art, PCA is excited to expand its product line in these industries as well as develop new avenues, while remaining dedicated to manufacturing high-quality USA made products.

With the help of modern equipment, a committed workforce, a keen eye for new ideas, and a passion for providing quality USA-made products, the company continues to excel over other pen manufacturers who import pens from contract manufacturers overseas.

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