Founded in 2010, Oregon Coast Wasabi is the biggest wasabi farm in the U.S., both in terms of acreage and production. Though it’s petite by commercial agricultural standards when compared to wheat or alfalfa farms, they have about 20,000 plants growing at any given time. That’s enough to produce anywhere from about 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of wasabi stalks, which are ground up to make wasabi paste.

Wasabi is a spicy green condiment served with ginger and soy sauce at sushi restaurants. It’s a paste made from the stalks of the Wasabi Japonica plant, which is challenging to grow owing to a lengthy maturity process and high sensitivity to changes in humidity and light. That makes it quite expensive, which is why nearly all wasabi in the U.S. is usually a blend of horseradish and mustard, rather than actual wasabi plants.

Today, Oregon Coast Wasabi sells both plants and culinary products to buyers across the country. Individuals can buy wasabi starts or products like seasoning salts and wasabi powder online, and Oregon Coast Wasabi also sells to grocery stores and food distributors. Their wasabi is available at well-known restaurants like Portland’s Zilla Sushi & Sake, New York City’s The Dutch Steakhouse, and Seattle’s Bar Ferdinand. 

They also lend their wasabi to makers of spirits, resulting in a wasabi cider from Finnriver Farm and Cidery, a wasabi pilsner from Uncommon Brewing, and a beer made with powdered wasabi from Sunriver Brewing. 

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