The farm’s story begins in the foothills of the Japanese Alps. For a short period of the year, the conditions are perfect for strawberry crops to thrive, producing the juiciest, most potent fruit. Within a country with a rich culture of high-end fruit, these berries are prized.

Growing up in a country that values delicious, thoughtfully farmed fruit, Hiroki Koga, Oishii Founder, and CEO, was dismayed when he visited America and found that the industry values quantity over quality. Inspired to share the Japanese strawberry experience with the world, he brought the Omakase Berry® seeds from Japan to New York to establish a first-of-its-kind indoor vertical strawberry farm in America.

Oishii farm brings technology and nature into harmony – soft rain, mild heat, warm light and buzzing bees. It replicates the elements of a perfect day in Japan, and customers can taste it in every berry: an intense yet delicate sweetness unlike any other.

The farm employs rigorous farming practices to ensure our plants are healthy from seed to berry. Its vertical farms eliminate the need for all pesticides and make the most of the space at hand. Vertical farming is a new way forward, and Oishii is committed to refining techniques that promote sustainability for the future of food.

Oishii farmers have honed their craft tirelessly. They have a keen sense for the health of plants, so mature fruit is plucked at peak ripeness and enjoyed fresh the same day. Pure, vibrant, and delicately sweet.

Oishii Omakase Berry s a unique Japanese variety characterized by its beautiful aroma, exceptional sweetness, signature seedless appearance, and creamy texture. A deep, sensory fruit experience long prized in Japanese food culture, but only now being discovered in America. First by chefs, soon by all true lovers of great food.

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